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Thiago Sensini

CEO - Founder

Thiago Sensini is the founder and President of OSI. He leads the firm's strategic direction and oversees its sales division. Under his leadership, Mr. Sensini has created an entrepreneurial culture which has led too successful growth of the firm throughout the world. Mr. Sensini has over 15 years of experience in aircraft recruitment.

Direct: +1 561 262-8373

Office: +1 561 320-9151


BIll Cebak headshot.jpeg

William "Bill" Cebak

Business Development - HealthCare Division

Arriving with extensive experience in the field of recruitment, Mr. Cebak has been driving candidates’ careers forward for years — and will continue to do so for many years to come! Your future is in great hands.

Direct: +1 561 225.3776

Office: +1 561 320-9151


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